Why should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Dirt and debris can clog up your air system, restricting airflow, causing the system as a whole to work harder.  By cleaning your system, you may experience increased efficiency of your system. Indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Contaminants can cause system to work harder or even malfunction, as well as the health consequences to breathing in dirty air, especially with people with known respiratory problems, or children and elderly.

How we clean your air ducts?

Burns Air Care uses top-of-the-line equipment. We use a negative air machine, which is connected to the main section of the furnace, filtering all air through a three-stage filter, the third of which is a HEPA filter. As we run this negative air machine, we guide an air line through each vent, loosening the dust, and allowing the machine to suction the dust and debris into the dust trap built into the negative air machine. Upon completion, the dust is rolled out your front door, and discarded.

How often should I clean my air ducts?

It is suggested that you have your air systems cleaned every 2-4 years, or as needed. People who suffer from allergies or other breathing-related issues may consider having the systems cleaned more frequently.

Why clean my dryer vent?

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, approximately 2,900 home dryer fires are reported annually. Other statistics show more than 15,000 annual fires. These fires cause an estimated $35 million in damages annually, and occur more frequently in the fall and winter months. Also, you may experience increased efficiency after the vent has been cleaned. It is suggested that your dryer vent be cleaned no less than once a year to avoid fire, and to increase efficiency.

Should I have my ducts cleaned before I move into my new house?

Absolutely! Think about all the contaminants that are floating around inside the air vents from the previous tenants! Pet dander, tobacco smoke, and who knows what else may be in the ducts of your new home. Failing to remove this leaves you and and the ones closest to you vulnerable to all the things that have been left behind by those who have moved on. A thorough cleaning of your vents will help ensure the health of your family, and keep you from breathing in all those allergens, dust mites, and contaminants.  

Should new constructions have air ducts cleaned?

Even those with new houses should seriously consider cleaning their air systems, as contaminants and construction particles can make their way into the air systems, and be distributed though the house when the system is turned on.

Why regular maintenance my gas fireplace?

Regular annual maintenance on your gas fireplace can extend the lifespan of your unit. With regular maintenance, your qualified technician can service your unit, which leads to more efficiency of use. Also, they can make sure everything is working properly, keeping you and your family safe, and spot potential problems as your unit begins to age. 

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